Genderless & bespoke clothing

A new point of reference in the world of Swiss Made genderless clothing in Mendrisio, the RIOT brand was born in 2021 from an ambitious idea by Stefano Napoli. The dream is to break the mold through a proposal of collections with bold yet conscious gender fluid pieces. The reality is that we are already doing it, and you’re the only one missing to try one on.

An elegant revolution, to combine uniqueness and diversity.
This is Riot

Chic, bohemian, ethnic: to each their own genderless style

The high-sounding goal we set ourselves with the creation of RIOT, a cry born from the passion and dream of local entrepreneurs eager to revitalize Swiss Made clothing, is to undermine the banality of stereotypes that the society we live in every day offers. Especially in the world of fashion. Everyone is free to be themselves, from head to toe: a right we believe in and which we provide through the intelligent and creative reuse of quality fabrics, capable of best expressing the color of the earth, and the nuances of a freedom that gives us it must move both in the word and in the image.

Elegant, eco-sustainable and tailored made suits

We concretely aspire to respond to the needs of an interested, courageous and bold target audience, with a passion for fashion and design. An osmosis with the core values of our brand: environmental sustainability, support of the local economy, ethical enterprise, but above all exaltation of diversity in all its forms. The founding message of RIOT is in fact the conquest of diversity as the uniqueness of each individual, and the inclusiveness of diversity within society. In favor of the evolution of the individual and free self-expression.

The location: not a conventional store of elegant youthful clothes

Anyone expecting to visit a traditional genderless clothing shop in Mendrisio will be disappointed. Our elegant location, located a few steps from Fox Town, is the result of a history which, from a former fifteenth-century oratory now deconsecrated, reaches us somewhere between the sacred and the profane. A rustic environment, with an exposed brick roof, will welcome you to observe and fall in love with wonderful garments that will amaze you with their concept, innovation and boldness.

Between who we are and who we want to be: Revolutionary gender fluid clothing collections

Riot is a luxury fashion company born with the aim of offering services in the genderless clothing sector in Mendrisio.

A proposal that is both thoughtful and audacious, determined to focus on solid pillars such as tailor-made, ethical entrepreneurship, and the enhancement of the territory.

From this mission, our gender fluid clothing is born, through a range of high-quality services: custom clothing creation, conscious reuse of raw materials, as well as environmental protection, guarantee of long-life products, and image consulting.

Without any gender distinction.