Philosophy and values

Eco-sustainable clothing in Mendrisio: unique, ethical and swiss made

Born in the name of elegant rebellion, against any form of cataloging or preconception, we offer an exclusive range of eco-sustainable clothing in Mendrisio. What drives us to get involved is a mission made of passion for our territory, respect for the planet that hosts us, and a belief that breaks down every ideological barrier.

We love the territory, the environment and the world around us.
And from here we draw inspiration

Clothing without gender

Here you can find functional clothes that play a fundamental role in the society around us. In fact, ours are garments that have no gender, season or size. Elegant models that can be worn by all those who have an interest in overcoming prejudice and people’s doubtful looks. Through our proposals we want to remove all those “labels” that generate prejudice, discrimination and envy. This is why in our shop you will find the only eco-sustainable clothes from Mendrisio: ethical and Swiss Made creations that will not be diversified into traditional sectors for men and women, or by seasonality. Because we don’t believe in categories. We revolutionize them.

Roots contamination

We believe in the value of the land and roots: but above all in everything that allows us to inspire and contaminate the creation of our tailored clothes, which for this reason we love to define as “Swiss Made”. Our clothes are in fact 100% made here, in a laboratory located in our territory. Unique products that we voluntarily do not export, in the name of those values that make RIOT an ethical company. Through production and sales, we aim to stimulate the local economy, showing our gratitude to the place that gave us life. It’s a return to the philosophy of the neighborhood store, but one that thinks big, without setting limits and without forgetting where it all began.

Eco-sustainable and ethical clothing

As artisans of elegance and fashion, we breathe new life into exceptional fabrics that would otherwise fade into obscurity. Each custom-made garment comes to life, ensuring it is not discarded, far from the depersonalizing logic of consumerism. We neither export nor import from abroad, safeguarding the environment from pollution in the name of eco-sustainability principles. Our regional production consists of a limited number of garments, unreplicable because they are one-of-a-kind. We do this not just to save, but because we believe in the role we play. And we like to be the protagonists

Riot: The inclusivity of diversity

When we decided to undertake this ambitious challenge with determination, we had no doubts about what the iconic message to convey was. Tired of a society that marginalizes too easily, in favor of stereotypes and false myths, we have chosen to defend diversity as inclusiveness.

RIOT believes in something that identifies each individual, without judging them, but rather inserting them into society. With style, elegance and fearlessness. Just like all the lines of our clothes, which are not presented on the market as a status symbol of wealth or elegance, but simply with the desire to appear themselves.