Riot Quality

Tailored suits in mendrisio:
a sensorial union between tailor made and originality

In every collection we create, we seek and express the perfect but imperfect form of quality. Our tailored suits in Mendrisio are born from this need: garments capable of identifying and interpreting the style of our thoughts. Revolutionary, radical chic, bohemian, with ethnic and dreamy accents and vibrations.

Innovation can arise from craftsmanship and tradition.
You just have to want it

Clothing without size, comfortable and against conventions

We love to think beyond the norms of the industry, and especially beyond the standards and patterns dictated by the market. Within our collections, which do not adhere to seasonal trends and offer a limited number of unique pieces, you can find tailored clothing that can be worn by anyone. Our comfortable sizes adhere to the canon of fluidity: a value that is primarily realized through loose cuts, soft lines, and hues that reflect the dreamy colors of the earth. Skirts and shirts dress those who wish to wear them, revealing and surprising themselves. We aim to evoke emotions and create a fashion in the name of revolution

Only quality fabrics

The extensive customization of our proposal is made possible by the quality fabrics that we use and that we personally choose. An essential pillar that allows our brand to produce magnificent garments that respond to the need for elegance and wearability at the same time. In fact, among the selected materials, 80% is natural fabric: cotton, linen, light wool and silk embellish an ethical and eco-sustainable vision that we make our own every day. Certified products that place our company at the top in the high-value industrial and sectoral market.

Creative reuse and eco-sustainability

All our gender fluid clothes are “Made in Swiss”. We do it because we love and respect our Earth, in the name of two key values of RIOT: creative reuse and eco-sustainability. The production of our tailored suits is aimed with respect at the Territory, far from the logic of commercial export which increasingly rhymes with pollution and global change. In this sense, we also recycle end-of-series fabrics destined for waste, giving them new life, for a future marked by elegance, style and conscious creativity.

Choosing a tailor-made outfit by riot is a silent revolution

If we had to identify coherent adjectives to describe a tailored suit by RIOT we would be spoiled for choice: manual, traditional but not classic, tailor & Swiss made, unique but different.

It’s not presumption, but ambition. The same one that allowed us to translate our dream into timeless and gender fluid garments, leading to the exaltation of a philosophy that ranges between radical chic and provocation.

In this sense we turn to bold dreamers, who want to wear what they feel, free from patterns, categorizations and compromises.