Luxurious gender fluid clothing is RIOT

RIOT is the new revolutionary protagonist in the world of luxury gender fluid clothing. In the historic center of Mendrisio, just steps away from Fox Town, elegance, sartorial production, ethics, and boldness come together to create a Swiss Made brand that intends to break the molds of prejudice and preconception. A new way to understand fashion, through innovative collections and garments that embrace genderless, bohemian, and ethnic styles, with the aim of representing the revolution. This is RIOT.

Ethical but revolutionary,
innovative but traditional.

The inclusivity of diversity

Born in the name of elegant rebellion, against any form of cataloging or preconception, we offer an exclusive range of gender fluid clothing in Mendrisio. What drives us to get involved is a mission made of passion for our territory, respect for the planet that hosts us and the promise between people to break down every ideological barrier.

What is Riot?

Anarchic revolt in the world of clothing to destroy all labeling, moral and social codes of right and wrong, and to abandon the dogmas of style and dress code. Self-expression, free and conscious.

A liberal/anarchist current: the desire for a future, ideal and utopian society, founded on respect, acceptance, inclusion, awareness, freedom to express oneself and live without prejudices and preconceptions.

Our uniqueness allows us to be who we are. Diversity is expressed in skin color, personality, sexuality, thought, abilities, and disabilities. There is no right or wrong, just another way to live your life.

Every action has a consequence, and we are responsible for it. We are all architects of our past, present, and future, and that’s why we must act with awareness of the outcome that derives from each of our choices.

Free expression
Clothing is communication, a dialogue between us and others: the desire to show a part of our life, with the utmost awareness. The opportunity to tell something, to listen to someone, to connect.

Making a difference in indifference.

Our clothes possess a vibrant hedonistic and symbolic charge: they naturally combine modernity, innovation, and that taste of tradition inherent in tailor-made production. In our iconic online space, you can meet, get to know, and fall in love with the same pieces that you will have the opportunity to purchase in our store, a true reference point for gender fluid clothing in Mendrisio.

Creative reuse and eco-sustainability

All our gender fluid clothes are “Made in Swiss”. We do it because we love and respect our Earth, in the name of two key values of RIOT: creative reuse and eco-sustainability. The production of our tailored suits is aimed with respect at the Territory, far from the logic of commercial export which increasingly rhymes with pollution and global change. In this sense, we also recycle end-of-series fabrics destined for waste, giving them new life, for a future marked by elegance, style and conscious creativity

Our collection:

La Pianta della Rinascita

We have evolved with a new collection to leave our mark again. Once more we intend to represent a concrete response to the present, rebelling against a stereotyped, canonical and dogmatic system, through the design of a second line dedicated to rebirth.